Nazareth Retreat Center stands in the long tradition of the ministries of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth. Housed on the Nazareth Campus near Bardstown, Kentucky, the Nazareth Retreat Center offers opportunities for spiritual reflection in a holistic approach which reverences the human spirit and all of creation.

Nazareth Retreat Center Director

Nazareth Retreat Center seeks a full-time Director responsible for all administrative and operational aspects of the ministry. Qualified applicants will have, a Master’s degree in Theology, experience in non-profit administration, working with a retreat center, giving retreats, spiritual direction and spiritual direction training. Please submit a cover letter and resume to: Michelle Grgurich, SCN, Director, Office of Congregational Ministries, P.O. Box 247, Nazareth, KY 40048. Nazareth Retreat Center is a ministry of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth. Click here for the job description.

Ministries for the Human Journey

The Labyrinth: A Sacred Path for Pilgrims

Walking the Labyrinth: Starting early in the first Century Christians made regular pilgrimages to the Holy Land with the desire to grow spiritually closer to Jesus. Eager to pray at the sites of Christ’s ministry, pilgrims walked hundreds of miles, praying and singing on the way. During the Middle Ages, this practice became impossible because of wars. To respond to the spiritual needs of the people many churches in France, England and Germany built labyrinths to enable pilgrims to make symbolic journeys to the “Holy Land”, striving to unite themselves in spirit with Christ.

Hermitages at Nazareth Retreat Center

A place apart, a hermitage provides solitude for prayer and reflection. It is a place where one can just be, following no time schedule. It provides an atmosphere for prayer and reflection. Nazareth Retreat Center has two hermitages on its grounds. Both are in a wooded part of the campus. Vincent Cottage is a two bedroom hermitage with a living/dining area, kitchen and screened-in porch. It overlooks a small lake called “Peter’s Puddle”. Casa Maria is a single occupancy A-frame with a single bed, living /eating area and kitchen. It is surrounded by trees and is home to a variety of birds and flowers.

Sharon Gray, SCN

Sharon Gray, SCN


Sharon Gray, SCN, is a Sister of Charity of Nazareth and director of Nazareth Retreat Center. An experienced spiritual director, Sharon also offers group spiritual direction, directed and preached retreats as well as days of prayer and reflection.

Sharon recently moved to Kentucky from Chicago, IL where she taught at Catholic Theological Union and served on the staff of the Claret Center for Spiritual Direction and Counseling. Her educational background includes an MA in Theology from Catholic Theological Union, a doctorate in music from the Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music, a post-graduate certificate in Pastoral Ministry from the Russell Institute and a certificate in Spiritual Direction from the Claret Center.

Sharon has served as formation director for her Congregation. She has given retreats and days of prayer around the United States, in India, Belize and Zimbabwe. Currently her areas of interest include the New Cosmology and the diverse ways in which God is revealed through all creation.


Nazareth Retreat Center
PO Box 7
Nazareth, KY 40048

(502) 348-1597

Carol McKean, SCN

Carol McKean, SCN

Associate Director

Carol McKean, scn served as an educator and principal of schools in Massachusetts, Ohio and Maryland.

Most recently, Carol’s ministry was as Director of Camp Maria Retreat Center in Leonardtown, MD where she served for 10 ½ years. Collaborating with SCNs, board members, staff and volunteers, the center reached out to meet the needs of persons in and around the areas of Maryland, Washington, DC and Virginia including:

  • Providing on-going programs for abused women
  • Creating a leadership program for poor persons in the Hispanic community of the Washington, DC area
  • Providing adult education programs with local parishes

Carol holds an MA in Education and participated in Retreat International for 10 years. She has served on a number of committees of the SCN Congregation through the years.

In the position as associate director of Nazareth Retreat Center, Carol looks forward to helping with offering opportunities for people to get in touch with themselves and their God-to become their best selves.


Nazareth Retreat Center
PO Box 7
Nazareth, KY 40048

(502) 348-1513

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