About Nazareth Retreat Center


Nazareth Retreat Center was founded in 2009 in the long tradition of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth. We are a non-profit ministry dedicated to providing opportunities for peace, prayer, and reflection to all in a beautiful, sacred, and historic setting. We are located just outside of Bardstown, Kentucky. Nazareth is mere minutes away from My Old Kentucky Home, Bardstown Main Street, Bernheim Forest, several locations on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, and is considered part of the historic “Holy Land of Kentucky.”

Saint Vincent de Paul Catholic Church

Built in 1854, this historic, holy, and Gothic-style church was designed by the well-known architect William Keeley for the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth. It was built with materials found on Nazareth’s grounds and limestone from Indiana. Mass and Vespers are open to all. 

Mass: Mon. – Sat. 10:50 A.M. / Sun. 10:30 A.M.

Vespers: Mon. – Fri. 4:45 P.M. 

The Labyrinth: A Sacred Path for Pilgrims

In the early first century, Christians made regular pilgrimages to the Holy Land with the desire to grow closer to Jesus. Eager to pray at the sites of Christ’s ministry, pilgrims walked hundreds of miles, praying and singing on the way. However, this practice became difficult due to wars across Europe in the Middle Ages. To respond to the spiritual needs of the people, many churches in across Europe built labyrinths to enable pilgrims to make symbolic journeys to the “Holy Land.”

Hermitages at Nazareth Retreat Center

Our hermitages are a place where one can be free from a busy schedule and the hustle and bustle of the world to pray, reflect, and recuperate. Two hermitages are available. Both are in secluded, wooded parts of campus. Vincent Cottage is a two bedroom hermitage with a living/dining area, kitchen, and screened-in porch.  Casa Maria is single occupancy with a single bed, living/eating area, and kitchen. Both are surrounded by trees, various flowers, and wildlife that calls Nazareth home.

Walking Paths

Scenic and well-maintained walking paths can be found throughout the 300+ acres of Nazareth Retreat Center. Many use them daily for runs, brisk walks, or slow, sight-seeing strolls. Comfortable benches, peaceful bodies of water, historic buildings, and beautiful devotional shrines can be found along many of these paths.

Staff of Nazareth Retreat Center

Trenton Mattingly

Trenton Mattingly


Trenton Mattingly is originally from Lexington, KY. He has a B.A. from Bellarmine University and an M.A. from the University of Notre Dame through the McGrath Institute for Church Life. Trenton has previous experience in parish and campus ministry settings, especially in regard to event planning, religious education, and faith formation.

As director of Nazareth Retreat Center, Trenton looks forward to helping to offer opportunities for people to find peace in a busy world, learn more about their faith, and strengthen their relationship with God.


(502) 348-1597

Carol McKean, SCN

Carol McKean, SCN

Associate Director

Carol McKean, SCN served as an educator and principal of schools in Massachusetts, Ohio and Maryland.

Most recently, Carol’s ministry was as Director of Camp Maria Retreat Center in Leonardtown, MD where she served for 10 ½ years. Collaborating with SCNs, board members, staff and volunteers, the center reached out to meet the needs of persons in and around the areas of Maryland, Washington, DC and Virginia including:

  • Providing on-going programs for abused women
  • Creating a leadership program for poor persons in the Hispanic community of the Washington, DC area
  • Providing adult education programs with local parishes

Carol holds an MA in Education and participated in Retreat International for 10 years. She has served on a number of committees of the SCN Congregation through the years.

In the position as interim director of Nazareth Retreat Center, Carol looks forward to helping with offering opportunities for people to get in touch with themselves and God – to become their best selves.


(502) 348-1513

Louise Smith, SCN

Louise Smith, SCN

Program Services Assistant

Carolyn Wilson, SCN

Carolyn Wilson, SCN