Who can receive spiritual direction?

Spiritual direction is not limited to mystics and spiritual gurus. It is for everyone – whether you have had a relationship with God for many years or just a few months. We are happy to connect those that are familiar and unfamiliar with this practice with one of our trained spiritual directors.

What is spiritual direction?

It is important to note that although spiritual direction often comes with many positive benefits, it is not counseling or therapy. It would be better to understand it as a patient, reflective, and prayerful encounter between three people: a person seeking direction, an instructor, and God. Spiritual direction is a form of help and companionship that is given from one believer to another with the goal of coming to a greater recognition of God’s movement in their life.

When do I need it?

There are no special circumstances that have to be met to participate in spiritual direction – it can be undertaken at any time. It may be particularly fruitful during times of spiritual dryness or during times of great transition, such as the loss of a loved one, a career change, retirement, or a big decision.

What happens during spiritual direction?

In spiritual direction, more than anything, you will be given a listening ear and an opportunity to sit and talk about yourself, your life, and where you want to see God more clearly in it. You will not leave spiritual direction with all the answers that you are seeking, but you will have a better idea of where you might locate them.


How do I get started?

Just contact us at nazarethretreatcenter@scnky.org and let us know that you are interested. We will identify a spiritual director for you to work with and explore some possible dates for you to meet. We suggest $30 – $60 depending on what you can pay.   

Spiritual companioning/direction is able to be offered both in and outside of the context of a retreat.