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Nazareth Retreat Center

 Usage Policies

Our Mission Statement:

“Nazareth Retreat Center (NRC) stands in the long tradition of the mission of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, serving all peoples, the poor, women, the marginalized and care for the earth.  We offer opportunities for spiritual reflection in a holistic ecumenical approach, which reverences the human spirit and all creation.  We are committed to respond to the diverse needs and longings of the people of God in these challenging times.”

  1. NRC is a retreat center for the purpose of providing opportunities for spiritual growth and development. Groups and individuals requesting space at the Retreat Center must confirm the intent of their retreat is consistent with the mission and purpose of the Center.
  2. Requests for use of the NRC are made and confirmed with the Guest Services Coordinator by emailing nazarethretreatcenter@scnky.org or calling 502-348-1513. A signed contract and advance, non-refundable deposit formalize the agreement and hold the reservation date.  Signing the contract commits the group leader and group members to following all NRC protocols.
  3. Prices are adjusted annually, effective January 1st. Groups and individuals will be billed at rates in effect for the year in which their retreat is held.
  4. All retreatants, retreat leaders, and guests are expected to arrive at the arranged check in and check out times indicated on the reservation contract.
  5. A welcome by the staff will be provided at the beginning of the retreat. Key information is shared at this time regarding the facility, the grounds, and support.  The timing for this welcome will be determined when the reservation contract is complete.
  6. A non-refundable deposit of $10 per person, per night is required to complete your reservation and to secure the date for overnight guests, minimum of $50.00. The booking deposit is applied to the total fee.  For meeting rooms a $50 deposit per meeting room reserved is required.
  7. Full payment is expected 15 days before arrival date.
  8. No refunds or credits are given for no shows. Emergencies will be considered.  Food ordered is nonrefundable.
  9. Individual payments for a group retreat are not permitted. Group leaders are responsible for collecting payments prior to the retreat and paying the invoice with one method of payment.
  10. Contractee will provide a certificate of liability insurance for the dates their group will be on campus OR must have each group member sign an individual liability waiver. Please use the following link to view the NRC Premise Use Agreement: Premise Use Agreement
  11. Contractee will notify staff of any property damage.
  12. Meeting spaces will be setup to accommodate your group’s needs based on information provided on the reservation contract. Please only use the rooms that have been assigned to you.  Groups or individuals will be billed for use of additional spaces that were not assigned.
  13. Please use painters’ tape when attaching papers to the walls and remove them carefully at the end of your retreat.
  14. Meals requests must be made two weeks in advance.  These meals are nonrefundable.
  15. NRC is a smoke-free facility. Smoking is only permitted outdoors.  Illicit drugs and weapons are prohibited.
  16. Drivers whose cars are in the parking lot overnight will be asked to provide their license plate numbers at the receptionist desk upon arrival.
  17. NRC permits service animals in accordance with Americans with Disabilities regulations. Other animals are not allowed.

Updated:  8/23/2023