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Personal Directed Retreat – “Our Hearts are Restless”

Nazareth Retreat Center 134 Main St, Nazareth, KY

This retreat is a contemplative time apart from the demands of the day which may lead you to a space in which you can invite in and embrace this longing..."for I know not what."  And then with Julian of Norwich you can pray, "All shall be well and all shall be well and all manner […]

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Centering Prayer Workshop

Nazareth Retreat Center 134 Main St, Nazareth, KY

The Centering Prayer Introductory Workshop teaches the method and background of Centering Prayer, a silent, open hearted prayer; a movement of deepening relationship with God.  "Be still and know that I am God"  Ps. 46:10.   The workshop, led by Contemplative Outreach commissioned presenters, includes four 20 minute presentations and two periods of Centering Prayer. Following […]

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Reclaiming Purpose and Passion – Janet Schaeffler, O.P.

Nazareth Retreat Center 134 Main St, Nazareth, KY

Jesus said, "I have come so that you may have life, life in abundance."  what are those things we might do - amid life's busyness - to respond to that promise, to do our part, so that - deepening our purpose and passion and rooted in Whose we are - we not only have life […]

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Writers Retreat with Paula D’Arcy

Nazareth Retreat Center 134 Main St, Nazareth, KY

You do not need to consider yourself a seasoned writer to attend this writer's retreat. This is a gathering for those who enjoy writing, even if it's only in your journal. By writing together and sharing words so much arises.
Each day will be a rhythm of writing practice, sharing, music, film and poetry. We'll use writing prompts to discover what moves the heart and what we are being called to embrace for the sake of the world.

Paula D'Arcy is a writer, international retreat leader, and the founder and President of Red Bird Foundation. Red Bird Foundation supports the growth and spiritual development of all who want to live with a more open heart, including those in limited circumstances such as individuals in prison or those in great need, and those invested in the healing of this world. Paula is a former psychotherapist whose personal tragedy led her to reach out to others. Through her retreats and publications, she is a beacon of hope as we encounter challenges and grief throughout our life. Among her best-selling books are Gift of the Red Bird, Waking Up to This Day, and Stars at Night.

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Scholarships are available for retreat participants. Please reach out to nazarethretreatcenter@scnky.org to learn more.