• $40.00 – Program Price

Date & Time Details: Saturday, February 3rd 10 am - 12 pm

Location: Mary Madeline room, O'Connell Hall

Address: 40 West Dr., Nazareth, Ky. 40048

Creating Conversations that Connect: Tools for Difficult Conversations – hybrid model

With Cory Lockhart

February 3, 2024

Many of us deeply feel the divisiveness of our time. We long to have bridge-building conversations and yet when we try, we often end up frustrated, angry, dismayed. We want to be true to our values and to have fruitful conversations; sometimes it feels impossible to do both.

What are ways to maintain connection so that both parties have a chance to speak honestly and be heard?

How do we move from “us” and “them” to a greater sense of shared vision?

How do we cultivate win-win conversations?

This 2-hour training introduces a framework to express yourself with clarity, authenticity and understanding during challenging conversations-  at home, in the workplace, or anywhere else.

The workshop includes:

  • An outline of the framework
  • Introduction of strategies (with handouts)
  • Modeling of the practices

Discussion (large and/or small group)

Hybrid model 10 am – noon

These strategies opens possibilities for win-win outcomes.  The training is perfect for individuals wanting tools to connect across divides, whether personal or ideological; teams wanting a common framework for communication; and anyone else wanting to cultivate greater connection in conversations.


Cory Lockhart
Cory is a teacher, writer, public speaker, and peacemaker. She is the founder of Hart Communication, LLC. She facilitates classes and workshops for teens and adults on nonviolence and compassionate communication and also helps groups navigate difficult conversations. For nearly three decades, she has taught people of all ages in traditional and non-traditional settings both in the U.S. and internationally. Some of the classes and programs she has written include the 8-week program Cultivating Nonviolence, Harvesting Peace for JustFaith Ministries and the video-based program Seeking the Shalom of the City, for which she also produced the 8 program videos. Cory…
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