Marjory Zoet Bankson

Marjory Zoet Bankson is a seasoned retreat leader and spiritual guide from Church of the Saviour in Washington, DC. Author of Call to the Soul, Creative Aging, Stalking the Spirit and The Soulwork of Clay, Marjory is also a potter.

Events with Marjory Zoet Bankson

What is My Call NOW? Virtual Retreat
January 12 - 13, 2024

As the new year begins, how is your call changing? If you have felt a sense of call spiraling through your life, taking different forms at different stages, then every round of call can be rich with completion and newness as we shed old fears and attend to the work that is truly ours to do. And if you’ve never felt a sense of call, this retreat might offer some help with that too. Is there meaning and purpose you have not yet explored? A nudge you have ignored? Things you need to release? Relationships to heal? Later years are…