Onyxe Antara

Onyxe Antara is an internationally known facilitator, speaker, and author. Specializing in leading small group experiences, she has facilitated transformational workshops in Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Kenya, and the United States. She is the founder of HeartSpace, a body of work that focuses on using awareness and presence to clear emotional tension in the body. Her unique process invites you to challenge your perceptions and reclaim the stories you tell yourself and others. With a dedication to individual wholeness and integration, Onyxe believes that the end of suffering begins with personal healing and connecting to the divinity within.


Events with Onyxe Antara

Sound Journey: Sacred Soundscape for Healing and Relaxation with Onyxe Antara
December 3, 2023

Sound is one of the most natural and accessible forms of healing for emotional and physical well-being and has been used for millennia to access higher states of consciousness. Gong baths offer relief from stress, chronic pain, depression, fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, and many other conditions related to imbalance and disharmony in the body. The sound of the gong soothes internal mental chatter, supporting full-body relaxation. During a sound journey, immerse in the healing vibrations of the symphonic gong, singing bowls, and chimes as the sound waves wash over you. The gong and accompanying instruments activate a dreamlike state to bring…