Sandra Hartlieb

Sandra Hartlieb is an actor, author, storyteller, and educator, who specializes in Christian creative arts. Through first-person dramatic storytelling of women in the Bible, she will inspire and motivate you to accept your calling in Christ. Sandra is the author of Holy Boldness: Unlocking the Mysteries of Women Who Encountered Jesus and In Hot Pursuit: 7 Keys to Unlock True Happiness. Both are available on Amazon and at Sandra Hartlieb events.

Sandra has a BA in Communication and Theatre from Indiana University, and a Certificate in Lay Ministry from Notre Dame University. Her dramatic performances of Biblical women from the Old and New Testaments shed light on the timeless stories and lessons contained within the scriptures. Sandra’s insights and wisdom inspire others to explore their faith in meaningful ways and discover new pathways for personal growth.

Sandra’s dedication, creativity, and unwavering commitment to her craft have positioned her as a model of how the art of storytelling can be used as a powerful tool for spiritual connection and transformation. As a motivational speaker, Sandra inspires purpose filled living, and champions inclusion of people with disabilities.

Events with Sandra Hartlieb

Encounter Jesus
March 22 - 23, 2024

  Prepare for Holy Week by spending time with women who have encountered Jesus. The Woman at the Well will be your guide to intentional discipleship. Confronting her vulnerabilities this unnamed biblical woman rejoices in her complete transformation after an encounter with Jesus. Mary, the mother of Jesus will teach us lessons on how to walk in faith, sisterhood, and hope, never shying away from your “God-calling.” While the Woman at the Well strikes out boldly, Mary lives a quiet life of deep, abiding faith. Both guide us on our own journey as we encounter Jesus in life, death and…